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COVID-19 Tests Now Available!

Gaughn’s Drug Store is proud to take another step towards serving the community during the COVID-19 pandemic by beginning to offer no-cost COVID-19 testing at our store! 

About the tests:

  • PCR test with 99.98% accuracy using saliva instead of nasal swabs
  • Tests are conveniently conducted from your vehicle outside of Gaughn’s
  • Simple to administer – you just spit into a tube! See the video below for example.
  • Gaughn’s sends the sample to an accredited lab who will test your saliva for the virus and bill your insurance directly.
  • Results are emailed to you quickly within 36 to 72 hours quick test (results to you in 36 to 72 hours) for COVID-19. 
    • Please note that turnaround time for receiving test results is dependent upon shipping and processing time by the lab and are not guaranteed. While many results do come back quickly, Gaughn’s has no control over the timing once the test has been sent to the lab. We appreciate your understanding!


  • For those that meet medical necessity the test will be billed to your insurance at zero out of pocket cost.  No copays.  No deductibles. 
    • Medical necessity means at LEAST 3 symptoms of COVID-19 or a recent exposure to COVID-19 with or without symptoms. 
  • For those who are uninsured, there are government funds available to cover the cost, so in both cases, there is no out of pocket cost for a qualifying test. 
  • For those who still want to be tested but who are not symptomatic or have not been exposed (such as those who need to be tested for travel), the test is available for an out-of-pocket cost of $125. 

To Register:

As we begin this process, we will be utilizing an appointment only model using the link below.  Once you schedule an appointment with Gaughn’s you will need to follow the directions on the “Thank You” page to register with our partner rxcovidtest.com.  There you will enter your demographic information, symptoms, and insurance information.  Please note that both registrations must be completed before you can be tested for COVID-19.

Use the button below to schedule a COVID-19 Test ONLY.
For Vaccine Scheduling, please visit our Vaccine page.

Four Easy Steps To Provide Your Sample

Gaughn’s Drug Store would like to thank our community for your cooperation and patience throughout the entire COVID-19 vaccination process.